On Tap @ Bo's
We are currently offering the following beer from BC's first craft brewery:
Island Lager
Maple Cream Ale
Winter Ale
Pale Ale
This summer ale has a twist. We begin with a malty blonde then add grapefruit zest, a little coriander and two types of hops to finish it off.
Hazy medium gold, generous white head that retains nicely. Nice fresh hoppy character, grassy with some citrus undertones (lemon), light crackery malts, moderate bitterness.
Pesky PIg Pale Ale is named after Francis the Pig who stole the hearts of carnivores and vegetarians alike in the summer of 1990. This 220 pound porker evaded his fate by jumping a wall, navigating the slaughterhouse and escaping into Red Deer's parkland. It was 5 months before this feral fugitive was finally captured. Raise a glass to the little piggy that never went to market. Rejoice that he left these pastures on his own terms; proving you can't tame a free spirit
This Red Deer streetscape as seen through the lens of a Troubled Monk glass highlights the transition from the old to the new. The past to the present. The deja vu to the downtown view. Savour the future you're helping to create as our Golden Gaetz glides effortlessly out of your glass.
An easy drinking American wheat ale dry hopped with Mosaic Hops. Juicy citrus, tropical, and floral hop notes sit atop a light grainy malt base giving the beer and very flavourful hop punch with a light refreshing body.
Dark in colour with rich head, this beer is surprisingly easy drinking. It has a light malt and fruity flavour with a hint of clove spice. Little to no bitterness leaves a smooth caramel aftertaste. This is a great all season beer as a result of its rich and dynamic flavour notes loved by all.
The slight purple reddish colour of this beer comes from adding the huckleberry syrup post fermentation. The savoury wheat mixes well with the tartness of the berries with subtle hints of hops.
This brew has hops, hops and more hops. Bright red in colour with a thick white foam that lasts. The aroma and flavour comes from the heavy use of hops which is balanced by the freshness of grapefruit. This is a bright crisp beer great for IPA lovers or those looking to try something new.
This beer is a major fan favourite and named after the founders European bike tour. The key word for this beer is balance as they have used three types of both hops and malts. It pours a brownish amber colour with fluffy white head and a slightly sweet and grainy aroma. Taste is slightly malty with no strong bitterness which makes for a smooth easy drinking beer.
What may be Alberta's first sour. A unique taste that is sure to grab your attention