Short rib taco G $16
Corn tortilla, salsa verde creme, feta, pickled vegetable, cilantro, house hot sauce

Spinach dip V $17
Dip, chips, mini naan

Root vegetable fries GV $12
Beet, parsnip, carrot, herb salt, jalapeno lime aioli

Pecan crusted brie V $18
Brie, candied pecan, red pepper jelly, mini naan, crostini

Perogies $16
Onion, garlic, cheese, potato, bacon, sour cream

Wild boar taquitos $16
Corn salsa, guacamole

Steak poppers G $17
Marinated steak, bacon, creamy horseradish sauce

Lettuce wraps GV $16
Lettuce, chipotle black bean crumble, pickled vegetable, salsa verde creme, avocado crème

Nachos V $18
Tomato, peppers, onion, candied jalapeno, mixed cheese

Billionaire’s bacon G $17
Pork belly, spiced brown sugar, bourbon maple syrup

Scotch egg $9
Chicken apple sausage, apple onion chutney

Turkey meatball sliders $16
Turkey meatball, brioche bun, pineapple bacon jam, house aioli, greens

Bone marrow $23
Bones, apple onion chutney, crostini

Wings $16
Mild, hot, extreme, spicy teriyaki, honey garlic, teriyaki, honey hot, dill pickle, salt & pepper, cajun, thai chili, cajun lemon pepper, Q sauce, lemon pepper, bangin bacon, habanero mango, ketchup, moroccan, garlic parmesan


Muffuletta $19
Salami, capicola, mortadella, ham, tomato, greens, olive tapenade, provolone

Short rib $19
Short rib, grilled bread, onion apple chutney, brie, red wine demi glace, fried egg

Since ‘96 burger $18
Homemade patty, bo’s burger sauce, cheddar cheese, lettuce, pickles, brioche bun

Caprese sandwich V $16
Toasted sourdough, tomato, bocconcini, fresh basil, balsamic glaze

Fried chicken sandwich $18
Marinated chicken thigh, jalapeno lime aioli, gochujang sauce, brioche bun

Curried lemongrass chicken $18
Grilled lemongrass chicken, pickled vegetables, curried aioli, greens

The Vegetarian V $17
Spicy black bean patty, cucumber, tomato, avocado, chimichurri aioli, multigrain bun

Turkey meatball sub $18
Turkey meatballs, pineapple bacon jam, teriyaki sauce

Butcher’s selection $18
Changes monthly, staff creation,

$2 goes to Bo’s community cares initiative

Steak sandwich G $24
7 oz sterling silver sirloin, garlic toast

Cubano $18
Smoked pork, ham, provolone, mojo aioli, mustard, pickles

The Nashville $18
Nashville fried chop, sourdough, scallions, mac n cheese.

Alberta Burrito $18
Short rib, fries, cheese curds, corn salsa, sauteed onion, guacamole, salsa, house hot, salsa verde creme


Stuffed Veal meatballs $23
Bocconcini, prosciutto, tomato sauce, pappardelle, parmesan

Prawn linguine $31
Prosciutto wrapped prawns, red pepper jelly, garlic cream sauce, tomato, onion, parmesan

Turkey meatball poutine $18
Fries, turkey meatballs, curds, bacon, turkey gravy, pineapple bacon jam


  • Bo’s style (spicy) or original style
  • 4 piece $17
  • 8 piece $29
  • Served with house hot sauce, spiced honey, bourbon maple syrup


Deep fried brussel sprouts $10
Creamy soy ginger drizzle, sesame seed

Mac & cheese $9
Cheddar, monterey jack, bacon, crumb

Warm potato salad G $9
Roasted potato, bacon dijon dressing, egg, fresh dill

Sweet corn succotash G $8
Roasted sweet potato, corn, lima bean, tomato, black bean, onion, peppers, cilantro, garlic, avocado creme

Rainbow carrot G $8
Bourbon maple syrup, ricotta, pumpkin seeds, chili flake

Biscuit and pickle platter $13
Biscuits, pickles, spiced honey, flavoured butters


Carne asada G $25
Spinach, avocado, corn, tomato, peppers, beans, tortilla chips, steak, avocado cream dressing

Beet salad G V $17
House greens, roasted beets, onion, feta, oranges, blood orange vinaigrette

Maple bourbon chicken salad G $20
House greens, brie, candied pecans, sun dried cranberries, pear, pumpkin seeds, roasted garlic vinaigrette

Mediterranean tuna salad G $22
House greens, pickled vegetables, quinoa, tomato, cucumber, olive tapenade, avocado, seared tuna, white balsamic dressing

Aztec bowl G V $22
Seared tuna, roasted sweet potato, corn succotash, cabbage, quinoa, avocado, feta, jalapeno lime dressing

Bo’s bowl G V $21
Grilled chicken breast, roasted rainbow carrots, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, cucumber yogurt dressing, ricotta, bourbon maple syrup

Veggie taco G V $17
Corn succotash, jalapeno lime slaw, pickled vegetable, avocado creme, corn tortilla

Add on proteins

  • Prawns $6
  • Chicken $6
  • Steak $8
  • Tuna $8
  • Chipotle black bean crumble $5
  • Taco beef $5


Chocolate coffee bread pudding V $9
DOSE COLD BREW, dark chocolate, egg, milk, hazelnut creme anglaise

Cheesecake jars $8
Cheesecake mousse, rotating flavors