Beer - Cans $7

Craft Beer Cans

Pale Ales

Zero Issue Brewing- Multiverse Pale Ale 5.4%

Xhale Brewing- Cherry Raspberry Saison 

Hawk Tail Brewery- India Pale Ale 6.5%

Cabin Brewing- Super Saturation NEPA 6.0%

Troubled Monk- Pesky Pig Pale Ale 5.0%

Heathens Brewing- Tropical Haze (GF) 6.6%


New Level Brewing- Pinball Wizard Raspberry Sour 5.7%

Zero Issue Brewing- Innsmouth Mango Passionfruit Sour 4.3

New Level Brewing- Sorceress Sour 6.5%

Establishment Brewing Company- Jam Rock Blackberry Sour 5.6%

Folding Mountain Brewing- Alpine Cranberry Sour 4.5%


Railyard Brewing- Nitro Stout 5.5%

Born Colorado Brewing- Arm Candy Milk Stout 6.5%

Heathens Brewing- Kvsir’s Peanut Butter Stout (GF) 4.8%

Wheat Ales

Hawk Tail Brewery- Amber Ale 4.5% 

The Dandy Brewing Company- Pineapple Wheat Ale 4.5%

Dog Island Brewing- Dibs Berry Raspberry Wheat Ale 5.0%

Troubled Monk- Buck Tooth Wit 4.6%

Theoretically Brewing Company- Study Buddy Hefeweizen 5.7%


Darkwoods- Berkeley Honey Ale 5.2% 

Siding 14 Brewing Co.- Dayliner Golden Ale 4.9%

Balzac Craft Brewing- The Dogs Bollocks English Brown Ale 4.4%

Travois Ale Works- Guava Lime Blonde Ale 3.8%

Sawback Brewing- Hazy Blonde Ale 4.6%


Blindman Brewing- Five of Diamonds Pilsner 4.8%

Inner City Brewing- Vienna Lager 4.4%

Dandy Brewing- Dandy Lager 5.0%

Growlery- 1929 Kolsch 5.0%


Village Brewing- Dry Cider 5.5%

Hells Basement- Lovin Cider 5.4%

Somersby Apple Cider 5.5%

Somersby Blackberry Cider 4.5%

Troubled Monk- Troubled Tea 5.0%


Village Brewing- Non-Alcoholic Blonde Ale

Village Brewing- Non-Alcoholic Stout 

Erdinger Brewing- Erdinger Alkoholfrei

Dandy Brewing- Vanilla Cherry Cream Soda

Dandy Brewing- Tonic