Beer - Cans $7


Red Hart – American Pale Ale

Born Colorado Brewing–Arm Candy Milk Stout

Growlery – 1929 Kolsch

Hawtail Brewing–Lemon Sour

SYC – Salud Wheat Ale

Tailgunner – Dame Dorothy Hazy Pale Ale

Travois – Guava Lime Blonde Ale

Balzac – Sea Buckthorn English IPA

Best Of Alberta

Cabin Brewing Company –Equinox Cherry Sour

Blindman – Kettle Sour

Fitzsimmons – Pamela’s Breakfast Lager

Annex – Black Ale (avail Oct 10th)

Zero Issue – Dunkel Weisse

Tool Shed – Prairie Pride (Farmhouse Ale – Saison)

Paddy’s – Alberta Smash Pale Ale

Band Pics

Cabin Brewing—Super Saturation NEPA

Troubled Monk Brewing–Juicy Gossip IPA

Hell’s Basement – Fruit Bat

New Level – Sorceress Key Lime Sour

Rapid Ascent – Black Ale

88 Brewing – Good Morning Vietnamese Coffee Stout

Establishment – JamRock Blackberry Sour

Sawback Brewing –Hazy Blonde Ale

Trolley 5–Turntable Lager

Staff favourites

Troubled Monk Brewing—Open Road Brown Ale

Trolley 5—Hey Porter

Dog Island Brewing – Dibs Berry Raspberry Wheat Ale

Folding Mountain – Alpine Cranberry Sour

Polar Park – Archipelago Canadian Pale Ale

Railyard – Peach Sour

Theoretically – Study Buddy Hefeweizen

Snake Lake Brewing—Ice Cutter Vanilla Latte Stout (avail Oct 10th)

Alley Kat – Pumpkin Pie Spiced Ale

Red Shed Selects

Made in Alberta Avenue Magazine – Red Shed Malting – Valley Brewing Devil’s Row Coffee Lager (avail Oct 10th)

Community Builder of the Year 2020 – partner Red Shed Malting – Peace River Bangin Belgian

Community Building of the Year 2018 – Village Brewing – Village Neighbour

Brewery of the Year 2019 – Alley Kat Brewing – Aprikat

Brewery of the Year 2018 – Blindman Brewing (2018 Bronze) – NEPA

New Brewery of the Year 2019 – Sawback Brewing –Passion Fruit Kettle Sour

Ciders/ RTD

Hell’s Basement–Lovin’ Cider

Uncommon Cider – Dry Craft Cider

Troubled Monk–Troubled Tea

Gluten Free

Heathen’s Brewing – Gluten Free – Tropical Haze NEIPA 

Heathen’s Brewing – Gluten Free – Kvasir’s Peanut Butter Stout

Non-Alcoholic Beer

Village Brewing–Village Local Pale Ale (NA)

One for the Road – Still Struggling Espresso Stout (NA)

Erdinger Brewing–Erdinger Alkoholfrei (NA)

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Wild Brewing– Kombucha (NA)

Dose Coffee Co. –Cold Brew (NA)